Art Needed To Fill Education Gaps

Schools are failing miserably even though they won’t admit it. Standardized school tests are designed to grade the achievement of the schools. But while many students are producing work far below their grade level, schools are getting grades that seriously deceive the parents. A school that gets an A on its cumulative standardized school wide test could have a great number of high achievers or a high number of students who were able to show improvement.

That means that a school of students who are averaging below grade level performance could simply raise their achievement levels a grade and the entire school receives an extremely high grade. This is not an accurate portrait of how a school is performing. If all of those students were failing last year and now they are performing just below grade level this year, the improvement is how the grade is calculated. In other words, a high achieving school with above grade level performers looks the same on paper as a failing school that was able to motivate enough students to simply improve.

This problem has many parents looking for answers outside of the school system. Parents are looking for tutors to help their kids understand their homework. Parents are placing their kids into night and summer schools that keep a child’s learning active. But, one solution has proven to be even more effective than all the others. Parents aren’t going off the wall when they look for art workshops to help their students learn.

When a child starts to explore her creative side, she opens herself up to other ways of learning. Ways that start to intertwine themselves across the education curriculum. A student performing low in math will learn how to teach herself, and with that her grades will improve on their own. It’s like a new world becomes accessible to her, doors of reasoning are easily opened.

Art impacts the cognitive abilities in such a way. That’s because art is not repetition and memorization. It forces people to discovery. Solving problems and learning how to learn are the result of exploring artistic expression. Adults have found art to be therapeutic and empowering. Experiencing art is recreational as well as productive. But, the creative process is far more rewarding educationally than memorizing facts and repeating low-level math processes.

With schools failing to give our children what they desperately need, parents are going to have to be educated about the benefits of art to the learning process. Art workshops can fill in the gaps where schools are breaking down. When parents learn that art will greatly benefit their children, art workshops will flourish across the country. Knowing this is coming, wouldn’t you want to learn how to get ahead of the trend and start your own art workshop?

Performing Arts Tours of California – Perfect for Drama Students

If you are looking for the perfect way to inspire your drama students during your next school trip, a performing arts tour of California could be the ideal solution.

Educational tours to San Francisco and Los Angeles are a brilliant way to give budding young actors a taste of the American theatre experience. And with so many places to visit, you are sure to enjoy a school trip packed with culture and excitement in two of America’s most cosmopolitan and fascinating cities.

Your journey begins in San Francisco, where you will have a chance to get acquainted with the city firsthand. After a four-hour city tour, you can enjoy a guided visit to the infamous island prison of Alcatraz.

In the evening, you’ll be able to enjoy an exhilarating performance of a stage production such as Grease or Wicked before you return to your hotel and prepare to make your way to Los Angeles.

LA – particularly Hollywood – is recognised as the meeting place for some of the world’s top acting talent and is the heart of the world’s film industry.

This is the perfect place for budding thespians to perfect their craft during their travels – a one-day workshop with some of the state’s leading tutors provides the ideal setting to build confidence and skills, as well as offering a unique insight into the world of American theatre.

Your students may also find inspiration in visits to landmarks such as the Kodak Theatre and the architecturally stunning Walt Disney Concert Hall, which is home to the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra.

Of course, you will also want to plan your leisure time so that your group takes in plenty of LA’s top sights – why not spend a day on the rides at Universal Studios, be part of a TV studio audience or pay a visit to the world-famous Hollywood Bowl?

There is no better way to see the west coast of California with a student group than by combining education with travel. This region has plenty to offer drama students and could set the scene for one of the most memorable school trips your pupils will ever experience. Start planning your San Francisco and LA adventure today.